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Spinal Manipulation Physiotherapy In Ryde

Welcome to X10 Physio's Spinal Manipulation Therapy in Ryde, expertly provided by me, Eugene Lu. Utilising my extensive training and experience in exercise physiology and physiotherapy, I offer spinal manipulation techniques that aid in alleviating pain, improving mobility, and enhancing overall spinal health. My approach is tailored to each individual, ensuring safe and effective treatment. Serving not only Ryde but also Chatswood, Eastwood, Denistone, and the broader Sydney area, I am committed to delivering specialised spinal care. 

Who Should Use Spinal Manipulation Physiotherapists In Ryde?

At X10 Physio, my spinal manipulation services are suitable for a wide range of individuals, particularly those experiencing:

  • Chronic Back Pain: Individuals suffering from ongoing back pain can find relief through spinal manipulation, complemented by our Manual Therapy services.

  • Postural Issues: People with postural problems leading to discomfort or pain can benefit significantly. Our Ergonomic Assessments can also be helpful in these cases.

  • Sports Injuries: Athletes recovering from spinal injuries or looking to enhance their spinal function for better performance. More details are available on our Sports Injury Physiotherapy page.

  • Reduced Mobility: Those experiencing limited spinal mobility due to various causes, such as ageing or specific health conditions.

  • Anyone Seeking Preventive Care: Individuals aiming to maintain spinal health and prevent potential issues.

Serving Ryde and surrounding areas like Chatswood, Eastwood, and Denistone, I provide accessible spinal manipulation therapy to improve quality of life across Sydney.

Hey, I'm Eugene!

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (UNSW)​

Masters of Physiotherapy (USYD, with distinction)

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

What Can Spinal Manipulation Physiotherapist In Ryde Help Me With?

As a Spinal Manipulation Physiotherapist at X10 Physio, I offer a variety of therapeutic benefits, including:

  • Alleviating Back and Neck Pain: Effective techniques to reduce pain and discomfort in the back and neck areas, offering a non-invasive alternative to pain medication.

  • Improving Range of Motion: Enhancing flexibility and mobility in the spine, aiding in daily activities and sports performance.

  • Correcting Postural Imbalances: Addressing postural issues that contribute to pain and dysfunction, often complemented by Ergonomic Assessments.

  • Recovery from Sports Injuries: Assisting athletes in recovering from spinal injuries and improving spinal function, in line with our Sports Injury Physiotherapy services.

  • Reducing the Likelihood of Recurring Pain: Focusing on the root causes of spinal issues to prevent recurrence, ensuring a long-term solution to spinal health challenges.

My services are not just limited to Ryde; I extend these benefits to clients in Chatswood, Eastwood, Denistone, and throughout Sydney, ensuring everyone has access to quality spinal manipulation therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spinal Manipulation Physiotherapists In Ryde

What is Spinal Manipulation Therapy?

  • Spinal manipulation therapy is a specialised technique used by trained physiotherapists to alleviate pain, improve spinal mobility, and enhance overall spinal health. It involves precise, controlled movements to the spine that can relieve discomfort and improve function.

Is Spinal Manipulation Safe?

  • When performed by a qualified professional like myself, spinal manipulation is a safe and effective treatment. Safety is always my top priority, and the therapy is tailored to each individual's needs and health status.

How Often Should I Receive Spinal Manipulation Treatment?

  • The frequency of spinal manipulation treatments varies based on your specific condition and goals. After an initial assessment, I will recommend a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

Can Spinal Manipulation Help with Conditions Other Than Back Pain?

  • Yes, besides back pain, spinal manipulation can be effective for neck pain, certain types of headaches, postural issues, and in some cases, extremity conditions. It's a versatile treatment that addresses a range of musculoskeletal problems.

How Can I Book a Spinal Manipulation Appointment?

  • You can book a spinal manipulation appointment at X10 Physio by visiting our online booking page, calling us at 0422 250 210, or emailing We are located at 17A Dandarbong Ave, Carlingford NSW 2118 and serve the wider Ryde area.

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