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APA Dry Needling

Looking for dry needling near you in Carlingford?
Come visit X10 Physio   
Our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the industry and are Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) members. We are trained and certified by the APA to complete Dry Needling.

Dry Needling, also known as acupuncture in traditional medicine, aims to improve pain intensity, inflammation and joint range of motion. Using sterile, monofilament needles it targets myofascial trigger points, providing relief and improved muscle contraction.
Where does dry needling fit in your treatment plan?
It is one of  multiple manual techniques (mobilisations, remedial massage, active release techniques, active-assisted movements) that our clinicians use in conjunction with exercise therapies to achieve a quick recovery.

If you are after a 5-star healthcare provider for your injuries, schedule an appointment with our experienced practitioners to help you fast-track your recovery. 

  • How Does APA Dry Needling in Carlingford Compare to Traditional Acupuncture?
    APA Dry Needling and traditional acupuncture both use fine needles. APA Dry Needling focuses on relieving muscle tension and pain, while traditional acupuncture aims to balance the body's energy flow. We offer both therapies in Carlingford.
  • Can APA Dry Needling and Acupuncture Help with Specific Conditions Common in Carlingford?
    Residents seek relief from conditions like back pain, stress, and sports injuries. Both therapies are effective.
  • Are There Any Precautions or Considerations Before Getting Acupuncture or Dry Needling in Carlingford?
    Inform your practitioner of medical conditions and medications. Eat lightly and stay hydrated before treatment.
  • What Are the Benefits of Combining APA Dry Needling and Acupuncture in Carlingford?
    Combining both therapies offers comprehensive relief, addressing localized pain and overall well-being.
  • Do You Offer Customized Treatment Plans for Residents of Carlingford?
    Yes, we create customized plans based on your unique needs and goals in Carlingford.
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