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remedial sports massage X10 Physio

Remedial and Sports Massage in Carlingford

Looking for a remedial and sports massage near you in Carlingford?
Come visit X10 Physio
Our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the industry and are Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) members.

Remedial massage is aimed to improve sources of muscle tightness or stiffness, reduce pain intensity, inflammation and improve range of motion. It is one of  multiple manual techniques (mobilisations, dry needling, active release techniques, active-assisted movements) that our clinicians use in conjunction with exercise therapies to achieve a quick recovery.  

X10 Physio offers remedial and sports massage in Carlingford. We also service  massage in Eastwood, Telopea, Dundas, Epping, Ryde and other surrounding areas via our mobile appointments.

If you are after a 5-star healthcare provider for your injuries, schedule an appointment with our experienced practitioners to help you fast-track your recovery.
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Effectiveness of deep tissue massage therapy, and supervised strengthening and stretching exercises for subacute or persistent disabling neck pain. The Stockholm Neck (STONE) randomized controlled trial

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