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How to Spice up your Lunges 🔥

Updated: May 24, 2022

Written by: Eugene Lu

M. Phty, B. Ex Phys. (AEP) (AES)

As a physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist based in Sydney, I can see how rehabilitation exercises can overtime be boring and monotonous for clients. The following 3 videos are ways to vary a staple rehab s exercise, the lunge. Each video will show how one base movement can challenge the stretch-shortening cycle, improve impact absorption and involve lateral force vectors. These drills would be seen in our physiotherapy clinic in Carlingford daily and should be part of any return-to-sport program.

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Part 1: Deceleration Lunges

Part 2: Ball Slam Lunges

Part 3: Lateral Lunges

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