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Updated: Feb 21

These exercises should be part of your day-to-day routine (1-2 minute breaks periodically through the day is more than sufficient!). Sensations of tightness, tenderness or discomfort can usually be improved through simple strategies such as changing postures.

Symptoms typically occur through prolonged loading of a particular set of structures and muscles i.e. sitting at your work desk.

To minimise this try these exercises which help change your postural habits and unload your discomfort.

Remember all exercises and mobility drills should be comfortable. If discomfort occurs, ease off to a tolerable level.

Neck - Improving postural health

  • This exercise is great as it helps oppose the typical posture you have when sitting and working (flexed postures or tightening of the superficial front line of muscles/fascia)

  • Aims to open up the chest and returns the neck to a neutral position

  • Helps cervical vertebrae reposition into a more neutral alignment offloading joint load and potential compression on the nerve

  • Lying on your back will help with relieving tension in the back as loads are significantly reduced

  • Focus on relaxed breathing in this position by lowering your elevated shoulders and collar bone - exhale through your diaphragm and down to the tailbone

Back - Incorporating mobility flow

  • Try these 3 great exercises a part of a back flow routine (aim for 1-2 minutes, periodically through the day)

  • Excellent for those with back pain and tension as well as tightness through the hips

  • These are safe and controlled exercises as lying on your back will ensure the least amount of load is required for an already irritable back

For more personalised guidance and assistance with your exercises, consider scheduling a telehealth consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists. Whether you're seeking help with TMJ physiotherapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, or guidance on manual therapy and strength training, our team is here to support your journey to better health and mobility.

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