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Physiotherapy in Eastwood

Looking for a physiotherapist near you in Eastwood?

Come visit X10 Physio


Our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the industry and are Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) members.

We provide individualised physiotherapy treatment plans and exercise programming in the Eastwood area, with in-clinic and mobile physio treatment availability. 

Our focus is to help you move pain-free, regain function and improve your quality of life.


Our services are designed for you to provide treatment for relief from neck pain, back pain, muscle spasms and tightness as well as high-level rehabilitation for sports injuries. We have helped many occupational workers recover to sports rehabilitation through a combination of remedial massage and active exercise therapy. 

If you are after a 5-star healthcare provider for your injuries in Eastwood, schedule an appointment with our experienced practitioners to help you fast-track your recovery. 

Top Eastwood Physiotherapy Clinic

X10 Physio is your top choice for physiotherapy in Eastwood. Led by Eugene Lu, our experienced team is committed to your well-being. We offer personalized care tailored to your unique needs, whether you're recovering from an injury, managing pain, or enhancing mobility.
As the leading Eastwood physiotherapy clinic, we prioritize your health and recovery. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference. Choose X10 Physio for a healthier, pain-free life.

What Injuries Can We Help You With?

At X10 Physio, we specialize in helping individuals recover from a wide range of injuries. Our experienced team of physiotherapists is equipped to assist you with:

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