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Golfer hitting golf

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screening

Looking for a golf assessment near you in Carlingford?
Come visit X10 Physio   

18 of the past 20 major winners have a TPI Expert on their team.


  Our expert Physiotherapists are trained and certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to complete assessment screens that uncovers physical limitations  affecting your golf swing. 

Where does the TPI golf screen fit in your treatment plan?

  • A physical screen will indicate upper and lower body limitations affecting your golf swing

  • An explanation of your results and a golf fitness handicap will be provided 

  • Corrective flexibility and/or stability exercises provided to improve these physical limitations.

If you are after a 5-star healthcare provider for your golf injuries, schedule an appointment with our experienced practitioners to help you fast-track your recovery. 

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