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Comprehensive Third Party (CTP) in Carlingford

Looking for a CTP Physio or Exercise Physiologist near you in Carlingford?

Our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are specialists in the industry when dealing with CTP claims.
With experience in the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) space, we will help you deal with your  injury and assist with your recovery when you are ready.

Our physiotherapists treat conditions such as whiplash associated neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain & other MVA injuries.

Our Exercise Physiologists will help to provide a strengthening and endurance program to make your transition back as seamless as possible.

If you are after a 5-star healthcare provider for your injuries, schedule an appointment with our experienced practitioners to help you fast-track your recovery.

Get in touch for further details on how to book.

Physiotherapy clinic located in Carlingford, near Dundas/TelopeaEpping, Eastwood and Ryde.

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